Water treatment

   The complex of procedures of the pool water preparation is called water treatment. It is necessary so you can enjoy swimming in the crystal, clean pool water. If you have a pool, then you should know that the maintenance of the pool is not only the mechanical cleaning of the bowl, but also it is chemically water treatment to cleanse and disinfect the pool.

   There are four stages of pool water treatment. In most cases they can be classified as follows:

  • Water disinfection;
  • The acid-alkaline balance (pH) correction;
  • Control of the algae growth;
  • Coagulation.

   Disinfection of water. There are a large number of bacteria in the pool water. But only few of them are pathogenic organisms. To reduce the risk of infectious diseases, pool water should be disinfected in time. Also great harm for guests bring the "safe" bacterias, since they were accelerated the process of reproduction leads to the appearance of mucous plaque and turbid water. The most common method of disinfection is done by means of chlorine, bromine oractive oxygen.

   In the aquatic environment both chemical and biological processes take place. A significant influence to them has the pH level. First of all, the pH level has an effect to our skin and mucous membranes. Secondly, the pool equipment suffers from acid and alkaline environment. Thirdly, the effectiveness of chemical treatment of water may be reduced, and the process of water reproduction may increase at a certain level. It is necessary to regularly adjust the level of pH, using the automatic control and dosing stations.

   For effective control of algae special products, which are called algaecides are used. Before the appearance of algaecides, people used agents containing copper. But for a human, copper, like a heavy metal, is dangerous. Modern tools do not contain copper, but their quality and algicides properties are different. Some of them have a high level of corrosion activity and the foam. Therefore, you should always choose algaecides, which are combined with other agents used in swimming pools.

   Coagulants - are agents that can, by dissolving in the pool water, provide particles with low mass and high positive charge. Thus, they attract the suspensions of a negative charge, which slip through the filter, and created flakes are easily filtered out.

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