Turkish hammam

   Hammam - the word itself is full of warmth and relaxation. Turkish steam-bath magically combines the wisdom traditions of the East and the cult of purity and beauty.

Турецький хамам

   One of the most difficult areas in the contemporary art of the sauna – is the construction of Turkish steam-baths. According to the complexity of design and technological equipment they are familiar to us ahead of the sauna, but the beauty of the interior and health benefits justify all the difficulties.

   Hammam features a combination of relatively low (up to 55-60° C) temperatures with high humidity. The room is filled with a soft enveloping steam, and the children and people with medical contraindications to attend conventional saunas, can easily carry steam conditions. Construction of saunas and steam-baths on the Turkish technology should, first and foremost, ensure the establishment of such a microclimate in the room. However, the hammam traditional decorations are not less important - the interiors, which are obtained during the construction of saunas and baths, are true works of art.

   Initially, the construction of saunas and baths of Turkish technology meant that all the steam boiler will be heated with boiling water, set in the technical area. Pipes, leading from it, were laid under the floor, warming all surfaces, including benches and massage tables. Modern building of saunas and steam-baths does not use such a scheme. In place of the boiler it is compact, modern equipment to equip a steam bath in your own home or apartment. Of course, the wider the spread is, the more impressive construction is obtained: there should be several rooms in the traditional hammam, high-domed ceilings, mosaics and marble bowl with cool water. However, one can recreate the atmosphere of a Turkish bath even in a small area, though it will not be so lush.

Турецький хамам приклад

   The main element used in the construction of Turkish steam-baths is a steam generator, that in fact, replaces the boiling pot. It turns water into steam and pumps it into the main room. Compact and easy to operate and it allows you to use it in private hammam, and in the construction of large Turkish baths.

   The "Linex-West" company offers you its service for the construction of hammams in a professional manner with years of experience and a team of qualified builders. In addition to standard accessories we offer stereo systems, setup of flavoring material and much more.

Equipment for Turkish hammams

   A standard set of equipment for the hammam, proposed by the "Linex-West” company, consists of the following components:

  • steam generator located in the back room, which provides steam to the steam room;
  • the traditional Qurna for hammam with two taps;
  • a control panel that can be paired inside and outside;
  • a special heat-resistant glass door in a metal frame;
  • transformer for the lighting system;
  • the ventilation system;
  • a special valve for the steam generator, which, after each use in an automatic mode, washes it and prevents the formation of scum and sediment;

Steam generator for hammam

   Classic hammam - is a separate building with many rooms for bathing, and adjacent rooms, whith heating elements. The steam from the boiling of water is fed into the room through a small hole located at an altitude of about half a meter from the floor. In addition to the hot steam, hammam is heated with warm air, that circulates under the marble floor and walls. Traditional hammam device - is the central room, with a temperature of 30-35 degrees, which runs five niches for soaring, with different temperature, the maximum temperature reaches 55-60 degrees. Alternately, moving from one niche to another, bather enhances the thermal effect on his body. One said a lot about benefits of the Turkish steam-bath, i.e.: improvement of blood circulation, rejuvenation and cleansing, and many other positive aspects.

Steam generator

   Of course, there is no need to reproduce exactly the hammam at your summer cottage or at home. Modern technologies make it possible to arrange a hammam, refitting only 1-2 rooms. In contrast to the Finnish sauna or Russian steam-room, one does not use wood during the construction of hammam. Walls, floors and beds are made of composite materials. There are plenty of options for interior of hammam, including the use of ceramic tiles, marble and mosaic. During the construction of the hammam it is recommended to follow these guidelines. First, the ceiling should be in the form of the dome, so that condensation does not drip on head and streams down the walls. Second, in order to achieve maximum comfort, the floor, walls and beds should be warm. This is achieved using a water or electrical heating system (system "warm floor"). Depending on the desired temperature, the power equipment is selected and the entire system is controlled by an automatic thermostat. Under present conditions, the electric heater is much more convenient and more practical than water, so it is often used. Third, to light the hammam, one should use moisture-and heat-resistant fixtures. And, fourthly, a water source is needed to connect the taps to Qurna.