The Finnish sauna

   The Finnish sauna has a positive effect on our body. The function of the cardiovascular system of man gets better after visiting sauna. Lungs begin to work intensively, and heart overtakes the blood through the body harder. And the most important thing is that you will feel much better and calmer after the sauna.

The Finnish sauna

   It is supposed that Finish sauna exists for more than two thousand years, but the oldest written records of it dated back to about 10-11 centuries. The first saunas were built very primitive: these were artificial caves, dug in the hills, with rough hearth.

   In general, a Finnish sauna does not differ on the construction technique from the traditional Russian steam-bath: stove, few shelves, made of natural wood, doors, lighting. However, for many centuries, during which saunas were built in Finland, a few secrets about it have been worked out, knowledge of which is the basis of building a genuine Finnish sauna - convenient, comfortable and healthy.

Wood stoves

   The heater is - the heart of each Finnish sauna. A wood stove, which combines three key elements - water, stone and wood is considered ti be the classics of the genre. These heaters are suitable for stand-alone facilities, while the sauna is suitable for home electric heater. Based on the structural features of the model heater, it can be put on the floor or mounted to the wall. Virtually all modern electric heaters are equipped with remote control, which controls the temperature in the sauna.

   For the construction of Finish saunas one uses some coniferous and deciduous species, such as the Finnish spruce, linden, aspen, and alder. Exotic species include the African Abasha and Cedar.

   Only the harmonious combination of national secrets and modern technology will build a real Finnish sauna, which will become a source of strength, energy, health and good mood.

Materials for the sauna

   The "Linex-West" company offers a choice of upholstery material for saunas. The main upholstery material for the sauna which is the lining, made from a different tree.

   Spruce is a Finnish slow-growing, healthy and durable softwood with sound knots that enliven the picture surface. Spruce secretes very little resin and retains a light color for many years.

   Pine has a subtle reddish hue with a slight heterogeneity and does not require complex care. Pine finish panels are made from selected pine boards of light golden tones. Over time, pine is covered with a patina of age, and it darkened surface acquires a special charm. Weak aroma reminiscent of a transparent resin of clean pine forest.

   Because of its properties aspen is a traditional material for Finish saunas. Its bright and even color persists for a long time, creating a fresh atmosphere in your sauna.

   Alder has an exquisite reddish hue, which eventually becomes saturated. It's slightly variegated and easy to care.

   Heat-treated wood retains its shape for many years. This is the darkest version of cladding materials, in addition, it has a pleasant smell. Shade trees can be corrected with paraffin oil.

   You can select the same tree, which is used for plating for the lounges. You can also use the heat-treated abachi.