Electric stoves

   Electric stoves are the most simple and convenient stoves to use in steam baths. In addition to its primary purpose, air heating of steam room, they can often perform additional functions. For example, there are models that combine the wood-burning stoves and steam generator. There are also electric stoves, equipped with a lighting system that could replace the lighting in the steam room.

   Perhaps, it is electric stoves, which exhibit the greatest diversity not only in power but also in the design. Electric stoves for sauna are available in various versions of the case: high-quality stainless steel, painted or without color, with stone accents, or entirely of stone slabs, and even stone pyramid.

Electric stoves

    In addition, electric stoves can be floor standing or wall-mounted. Thus there are floor models that can be installed not only at the wall, but in the center of the steam room.

   Control of electric stoves for a bath is maximally simplified. Electric stoves are produced both with built-in, and with a remote control units, which usually can not only set the desired temperature, but also set the parameters such as time of continuous operation of the stoves, as well as the waiting time of inclusion.

   Electric stoves – is the best solution for equipment of commercial and private baths. You can enjoy soaring, while using these stoves with the least effort for their service.