Hydro massage SPA pools

   We offer you unique swimming pools, hydro massage SPA from one of the world leaders - Catalina Spas. All products are manufactured in the USA using the latest technologies, durable and modern materials.

   Yes - it is swimming pools, now communicability and functionality of the SPA pools are not limited to obtain the relaxation effect. Due to sizes of the average stationary pool and embedded systems "artificial rivers" you swim in your own SPA!

   Perfect quality, extensive features, ease of control, modern aesthetics and stunningergonomics - the basic qualities that are inherent in any SPA pool by the companyCatalina Spas.

   Swimming hydromassage swimming pools from Catalina Spas have a set of truly "royal" features that will impress any gourmet:

  • The case is made of mahogany;
  • High-quality acrylic coating;
  • Plasma screen 61 "inch;
  • High-quality audio system with four sliding dynamics;
  • The system of "artificial river";
  • Waterfalls;
  • LED lights;
  • "Water Bike" simulator;
  • "Mill" simulator;
  • Simulator for rowing;
  • Safety thermal cover, made of brown leather;
  • The system full of water ozonation.

   You can easily turn any corner of your home or garden in your own resort. All you need to - it is a flat area, a garden hose and the electrical connection 380V. Hydro massage pool will give you time for rejuvenation, relaxation and communication with family, friends, dearest and will allow you to enjoy life in this busy world.

   Even in winter with temperatures below zero, you can enjoy a warm bath with boiling water. High-quality filters, and computer control accurately set the temperature of the water and the filtration time and give you the opportunity to enjoy yourhydromassage pool with clean and heated water 24 hours a day. Remove the cover and dive into a new world, a world of total relaxation!