Polypropylene pools

   New technologies are rapidly developing market for swimming pools, and one of the leaders - is to use a sheet of polypropylene in the construction of the pool. Polypropylene pools is the best quality / price ratio.

Polypropylene pools

   Significantly reduce the cost of civil works and get a 100% airtight and durable bowl basin allows the use of any form of sheet polypropylene. Polypropylene - an environmentally friendly, durable and resistant to temperature and UV-blue plastic with a thickness of 4 to 15 mm, which is produced in Europe specifically for swimming pools. His resistance to seasonal changes in temperature, typical of our climate, guarantee long-term use of the swimming pool installed at your site.

   Today, it is the most economical and is deservedly popular technology. Its reliability and speed makes it possible to obtain steady, high-quality restaurant in 2-3 weeks - while the stationary concrete pool built at least 3 months. Up to 70% of outdoor pools in Europe are doing it from propylene.

   Bowl polypropylene basin, boiled in special equipment from sheet polypropylene, fully sealed and does not require sealing. Decorative finishing the pool is also not required - the color of polypropylene for many years provides a pleasing appearance pool. Do not need insulation as well as low thermal conductivity of polypropylene bowls helps to maintain a stable temperature of the water and cost savings.

Polypropylene pools: bowls

   Durability, reliability and durability allow to establish such pools in all indoor and outdoor. This may be a small pool or a font, located in the basement of the cottage or at the sauna or the outdoor pools is much larger, ranging in the garden and organically fit into the landscape of your site.


  • Short construction time without loss of quality;
  • Ability to mount the bowl in the limited space at home or yard;
  • Durable, resistant to dirt surface areas;
  • Smart and accessible to every cost.


  • Visible seams soldering sheet polypropylene.

   Thanks to our own production We offer polypropylene pools at the best competitive prices and the possibility of cooking the pool on-site construction, which will significantly reduce transport costs and provide an opportunity to build in ready homes.