Pools lined with tiles or mosaics

   Concrete pools – are the "classic" version, that doesn’t belong to the pools of economic class, but still remain popular today. Concrete bowl allows to make swimming pool of any size, shape, depth, choose any facing - mosaic tiles, PVC film, as well as set any smooth lines.

   With mosaic pictures you can realize any your fantasy and design solution. Concrete pool will look exquisite, richly and elegantly over many decades. Panels of the mosaic do not lose their original form, will not burn out in the sun, they are not susceptible to mechanical damages. During mosaic installation, we use materials of the best factories in Europe, so you shouldn’t worry that it comes and falls off, because these materials are designed for sudden changes in temperature and constant contact with the water in your pool.

   Mosaic for pool facing has been used for a long time. It gained the popularity because it is beautiful and practical. The small size of the fragments allows you to perform pools facing of non-standard forms and any curvature. The range of materials, which mosaic is made of, is very broad.


  • Wide choice of facing versions;
  • Resistance to damages from the outside;
  • The best type of facing for interior;


  • Long and expensive work;
  • Increased technical requirements for the pool.

Materials for the pool: Mosaic


   Perfect, but also the most expensive way of pool finishes is smalt or glass mosaic. Mosaic has a tough coating, it does not have pores, so it does not absorb water and perfectly resists all organisms. The small size of the tiles, allows successfully coating of the most complex surfaces. Mosaic for pools - is not only the highest reliability but also the possibility of the original creative approach to the design of the pool. With the mosaic you can create real masterpieces of art. You can upload both ornaments and the subject compositions, giving an exclusive look to your pool.

   Glass mosaic of different tones and colors – is perfect decoration material, which allows you to create original interiors of the pools, and space around swimming pools. However, in our time, mosaic has become not only art but also a great pools finish technology. Mosaic, made of glass, is considered as the best - it is stronger than ceramic and it does not absorb water.

   The widest range of colors and types of mosaics will satisfy any design decisions during the construction of swimming pools, decorating buildings and facades, making art panels. A huge number of variants ready-made color solutions will find a mixture of almost any interior.

The advantages of mosaic pool decoration:
  • The most beautiful type of pools finishes.
  • Practically unlimited possibilities in finishing the pool.
  • A huge range of tiles, mosaics and their palettes, as well as the possibility of placing decorative panels, friezes and various extensions.
  • The quality of the mosaic tiles and does not getting worse over time.
  • Not susceptible to mechanical damage during use.
Disadvantages of mosaic or tiles pool decoration:
  • This method takes longer to finish.
  • Самый дорогостоящий способ отделки бассейна.
  • Increased technical requirements for the pool.
  • The use of expensive materials for waterproofing and laying tile.

   Through close cooperation with Panda Interior Group, which offers the most wide range and quality services for mosaic works in Ukraine, making panels, friezes, from any of your drawing or photos, our company will satisfy the most sophisticated demands for design of your pool.

Mosaic panels