Water Heaters

   Variety of heaters is designed to handle such a major task as heating of pool water to a comfortable temperature. As a rule, two main types of heaters: electric heaters and heat-exchange unit are used to creat and maintain the temperature of the pool water at the necessary level.

Water Heaters pahlen

   Heat-exchange units work on the principle of thermal exchange between two operating environments. Heaters of this type are connected to various sources of heat; generally these are different kinds of water boilers. There are two isolated circuit in the body of the heat-exchange unit. Hot water moves in one circuit, for example from the boiler, and water from the pool moves on the another circuit. The water is redistributed in the process of interaction, the exchange of heat and as a result heating of the pool’s water. The inner loop of a heat-exchanger unit can be of tubular or spiral operation. Heat-exchange units are made of stainless steel..

   Electric heaters are powered by electricity and operate on the principle of convertion of electrical energy into heat energy. The heating element (heater) is located inside the electric heater and the water warms up to a predetermined temperature by direct interaction. Electric heaters are equipped with the TEN-s, which are made of high-strength alloys with anti-corrosion properties.

Water Heaters

   For the convenience of usage and safe operation of heaters which are equipped with thermostats, relays, overheating protection, flow or pressure sensors. The required capacity of the heaters is calculated depending on the mode of operation as well as on the volume of water in pool.

   The current market of pool’s equipment offers variety of modern devices to heat the water, so that the pool heater will not cause any troubles for their owners.