Swimming pools

   Water is the fountain of youth and beauty, as well as a source of positive emotions and health. More than a century ago a man built his first pool - an artificial reservoir for swimming.

   Building and design technologies for pools were invented in the late nineteenth century. Many principles of pools building, that were used in Germany about 100 years ago, even today are successfully used in all countries.

   For modern man pool is no longer just a luxury item, but the thing which makes thehouse more comfortable, as well as the subject needed to maintain health and longevity. Experts say that the hour of swimming in the pool replaces one workout in the gym.

Classification of the pools

By production technology and materials used: By appointment:
  • public;
  • private;
  • children.
By filtration and circulation system:
  • Skimmer or overflow.
By location:
  • Exterior
  • Interior (covered or open)
By type of operation:
  • Seasonal;
  • Perennial.

   "Linex-West" carries out any complexity construction works for swimming pools. If you have already decided to build a pool, our specialists will prepare in the shortest time several design solutions for you to choose the most optimal one in the budget and practical terms.

Equipment for pools