The winter "Conservation" of swimming pools

31 October 2011

We are warmed by summer days yet, but the "breath of winter" is felt more and more often. It's time to think about a thorough preparation of your swimming pools for the coming winter.

Ultraviolet installations

21 September 2011

Chlorination of water, held in the large scale, caused widespread resistance to chlorine of microorganisms, including many pathogens. The combination of UV – rays and chlorine in water treatment basin provides a high bactericidal effect against spore and chloride – stable forms of bacteria and viruses. In a joint water treatment with chlorine and bactericidal irradiation, chlorine consumption reduces in 2-3 drops, maintenance of equipment simplifies.

If totally chlorine free?

9 September 2011

Often... very often the happy owners of swimming-pools have a question ”Is it possible if water is totally chlorine free?” It goes without saying, the question of water disinfection is meant by this. The answer is obvious – certainly, it is possible.

AqualineX – is a new approach of water treatment

1 September 2011

It is proved that in water the AqualineX is very effective against bacteria, viruses and algae, as well as yeasts and mixomycetes, which are the main components of fouling biocenosis. Because of this fact, this component is recommended to be used for antiseptic treatment of water and biofouling control of equipment that operates in water (or has a contact with water), that ultimately ensures the closure of water cycles at industrial enterprises.

Why is pH so important?

26 August 2011

It has been repeatedly stated that the water pH level in a pool is extremely important factor. It seems that the level of awareness in water treatment methods is even growing faster than the number of water pools. But "its Majesty pH" doesn’t have enough attention even nowadays. Perhaps the reason for it is because we are constantly talking about the necessity to adjust pH level, but we are not worried about the explanation of why and how much it is important. All the explanations on water treatment that are found in articles and reviews are often limited to outward factors that accompany the changes in pH level.

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